Sunday, February 10, 2019

Will Rap Mogul Suge Knight Sell His Life-Story Rights From Inside Prison Using Blockchain?

When I was, the other day, telling a friend of mine about the latest update from the Pitch Investors Live team, and how they shared that Death Row Records founder and rap-mogul, Suge Knight, would be pitching the rights to his life story, via the Shark Tank-esque investment-centric blockchain platform, in the coming months, the first thing he asked was "Isn't he in prison?"

And while I have to admit at this point that I wasn't overly informed on the comings and goings of Suge Knight, it turns out, he is...

28 Years in the Slammer

At time of posting Suge Knight is currently facing a stretch of up to 28 years in prison, having plead guilty, in October 2018, to the charge of voluntary man-slaughter.  And has been behind bars since 2015 awaiting trial.  

If you're not familiar with fallen rap Godfather, Marion "Suge" Knight, he was the man behind notorious rap record label "Death Row Records".  And is the man widely accredited in bringing the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Tupac, to international stardom.  My aforementioned friend also stated that "he's a nasty bastard!" .  And it's fair to say that his history is one littered with tales of violence, and crime.  But arguably, even nasty bastards deserve to have their story told.  And with Suge Knight having been publicly embroiled in arguments over the way he was portrayed in the highly-rated 2015 rap movie, Straight Outta Compton, he may well be looking to get his own story out there, and make a little extra dough at the same time, with which to feather the cell he could potentially be dwelling within for the best part of the coming three decades.  

Pitch Investors Live

If you're not yet familiar with the "Pitch Investors Live", it's an edutainment platform built upon the Ethereum blockchain, in the style of the hit TV shows "Shark Tank", and "Dragon's Den".  Within which entrepreneurs pitch business and ideas in hope of investment and funding.  And while it might seem unlikely that an imprisoned rap-overlord would be able to use such a platform to sling his life-story rights, from behind bars.  The PITCH team claim to have signed contracts.  And claim that Suge Knight will be pitching original Shark Tank panel-member, And PITCH-TV regular, Kevin Harrison.  And as it happens, there is kind of a precedent for this...

A Brave New World of Investment Entertainment

While following a similar format to the aforementioned television shows, Pitch Investors Live is considerably rawer.  Mixing the likes of SKYPE, and Tinder, with a blockchain underbelly, and streaming live, PITCH is investment reality-TV.   The well-suited glamour of Shark Tank replaced with watching Shark, Kevin Harrington, field pitches, and dispense business advice, while wolfing down his dinner, or casually trimming his finger-nails with his teeth.  

And what sets the precedent that the above pitch between Suge Knight and Kevin Harrington could happen, even while incarcerated, are some of the pitches that have already taken place on the revolutionary platform.  Such as one guy pulling over his Uber to deliver a pitch, and another lady pitching Kevin via the app while in mid-flight.  In fact the whole purpose of the platform is to break down the walls between investors, and those in search of investment.  Allowing users to pitch, or field-pitches, from anywhere, at any time.  And what would make for a better example of that?  

Most likely in reality it will be somebody representing Suge that will be pitching, but regardless, as a PITCH token holder my hope is that this event will generate some hype, some renewed love for the project, and of course, some financial gains.  And should the team get their shit together fully, and tokenise the story-rights, and allow viewers to invest themselves via the being-worked-upon atomic-swaps functionality - this could be HUGE... 

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