Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Blue Litecoin Logo - The New Look Briefly Explored

If ever evidence were needed that I need to get my ass into the graphic-design game to make some bucks, the new Litecoin logo is it.  While checking out yesterday, I noticed that the Litecoin logo had changed, turned blue, and sure enough it was no glitch, but the Litecoin team rolling out a new-look.  And while I quite like it, and actually prefer it to the older grey logo - the story of the effort put into it did kind of make me laugh...

The New Design

Australian design agency "The Token Agency" explained in an article over at Ethereum World News, that the new logo design is the result of months of hard work - the complexity of the challenge really testing their creativity.  First surveying the Litecoin community over at Reddit, before spending the next three months working on the new branding, in addition to creating a 65 page brand-evolution report that was subsequently presented to the Litecoin foundation at the San Fran held Litecoin Summit.  

Now, I don't know how much graphic-designers get paid, or of the tribulations and chores involved in brand-evolution, but it was at about this point I was thinking to myself "blue circle".  

A Blue Circle

Because essentially that's all that changed after the aforementioned expenditure of effort.  The background circle became blue.  And the "L" is perhaps a little more streamlined.  But that's OK.  Despite reminding me a little of Faceboook's logo, I do kind of like it.  Preferring the blue to the grey.  And indeed even the markets reacted to the change.  With Litecoin rising in value by at least a few percent the day the new logo went live.  In a manner slightly reminiscent of how in 2017's epic crypto bull-run the slightest news could send prices flying - albeit happening now in a much more subdued fashion, in this extended bear-market of 2018+.  

The End of Silver

Probably the most interesting function of changing the logo from grey to blue, that is presumably intentional, is that on a psychological level it begins to break down the long-held popular notion that Litecoin is "silver" to Bitcoins "gold".  Freeing it up more to operate under its own merits.  Because while Litecoin was an early Bitcoin fork, and will always be tied to Bitcoin - now that seven years have passed since Litecoin began to go its own way, perhaps it is now time for LTC to sever the cord a little further again, and seek to tread its own path more firmly(?)...

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