Monday, February 4, 2019

Adshares - Testing the Blockchain-Based Advertising Platform

In a recent post detailing my early attempts to monetize this crypto-blog using a decentralized advertising platform, I briefly mentioned Adshares.  At that point however the Adshares platform was not available for testing, so when today a new bounty-task popped up over at - offering free ADS tokens in exchange for giving their demo-platform a whirl, it seemed savvy to kill two birds with one stone - and go take a second look, while earning some free crypto at the same time...


A decentralized blockchain-based alternative to the likes of Google's popular Adsense/Adwords, operating within the programmatic advertising space - Adshares held their successful token-generation event in 2018.  And in the early days of 2019 where we currently find ourselves (as I type) the Adshares ecosystem is almost ready to go live.  Throughout 2018 Adshares were one of the most active blockchain teams out there. Their programmers made over 3000 commits and modified approx. 24 000 lines of code. By the end of December they exceeded 1 million test transaction in mainnet, which assured that the network is stable and ready to handle significant traffic.

Testing Adshares

Registration was easy, and following a brief signing up process, and e-mail verification, I was logged-in.  And was then presented with two options, to proceed as an "advertiser", or as a "publisher".  For the Crowdholding task I would need to test both - but with my main interest lying in potentially becoming a publisher (i.e. making money from sharing ads right here on the Greencrypt0 blog), I took the publisher route first. 


As an old hand with Google's Adsense, and various other advertising platforms, and affiliate networks, there was nothing particularly unfamiliar about the Adshares publisher dashboard.  As when beginning to use any new platform, there was a slight learning curve, such as when I was listing a new site I was asked for "keywords" to assign to my site, which I would usually think of as being aligned with the sites niche, i.e. tennis, blockchain, music, etc.  However, what it actually wanted to know was what kind of ad-units I'd allow to be displayed on my site, i.e. image-ads, video-ads, interactive-ads, etc.  But this was a one-time selection per website, and after the first time, you'd soon get used to it.

There were a wide array of ad-sizes I could select to display on my site, with the only thing lacking at time of testing being a "responsive" ad-unit.  And the publishers dashboard itself is furnished with the all the usual charts and data you'd use to chart your success, and earnings.  And you can see an example of what an Adshares ad might look like nestled among your content in the picture above-right.  


While my primary interest in Adshares would personally be as a publisher, I am also an occasional advertiser.  And being more familiar with the platform navigation from testing the publisher dashboard first, it was pretty easy to navigate the advertiser dashboard and options. And I was able to create a test advert easily enough.  And once again, I could select from a wide variety of options, formats, and sizes, from which to tweak my advertising campaign, and once live, the dashboard was again equipped with the familiar data, charts, and metrics, for assessing any given advertising campaigns performance.  


To reiterate, as when using any new platform there's a moderate learning-curve, as you familiarize yourself with any given platforms quirks and foibles.  But overall, Adshares was comfortable to use and explore.  And having recently tested a few competing blockchain-based competitors to Adshares, I'd have to say that this was the one I'm currently most impressed by - at least in terms of its mechanics.  How successful it will be will ultimately depend upon adoption, no publisher wants empty or incredibly low-paying ads on their virtual real-estate.  And similar can be said for advertisers.  But seeing as I already have an interest in attempting to monetize this crypto-blog, using a blockchain-based platform (which is only fitting), once Adshares is fully live, I will go have another play, and move forwards from there... 

To learn more about Adshares you can visit their website HERE.  Or alternatively, should you wish to earn free crypto and tokens for checking out aspiring blockchain projects in the form of bounties, go sign up to HERE.  

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