Sunday, January 6, 2019

Running a virtual online Restart Energy franchise - with your MWAT tokens

During the recent Telegram AMA with Restart Energy's CEO, Armand Domuta, it was confirmed that MWAT holders would, after platform launch, be able to operate a franchise purely online.  The opportunity to run your own RED franchise has been baked into token-ownership since the very beginning, but with brick-and-mortar franchises requiring funds, skills, and a commitment, that might put some off from applying - opening up the franchise opportunity to those who are perhaps more comfortable flirting with the idea of operating a business online, with most crypto-heads being at least relatively internet-savvy in nature, is great news. And as Armand himself said, likely to expand exposure to, and use and growth of, the platform faster...

An Online RED-Platform Franchise

An online RED franchise would be (I believe) a "type b" franchise, as per their franchise-type structure. Which is essentially a energy brokering / reselling type operation.  And while the details of how this will function once the platform goes live are yet to be divulged, at time of writing.  Likely, if you're familiar with web-site creation, app-building, affiliate-marketing, social-media promotion, or any number of similar skills - this is probably something you'd be able to dive into much more easily than operating a physical location.  And as the company and platform expand operations into a growing number of countries - an online franchise should also be free from the geographic limitations associated with a real-world presence, potentially allowing online franchisees to be far more profitable, able to sign-up customers as they would be, the world-over (or whatever countries Restart Energy are present in at least). 

Driving Traffic

Most online businesses operate in roughly the same manner, with the idea being to drive traffic towards a web entity - convert that traffic into customers - and then ideally, retain them. And in terms of driving traffic, there are a thousand-and-one ways with which you can try.  

From simply blogging (as I'm doing here), building a social-media presence over at Twitter, or Facebook, etc., through to creating useful apps, or even via the more costly but sometimes more effective paid advertising route.  


In addition to acquiring the rights to use the branding and name of Europe's fastest growing energy retailer, franchisees will presumably also be able to utilize the RED team's already built and working software and franchise infrastructure.  Currently in use by Restart's already over 300 franchises. To simplify the process.

And an online business can even be built-up for as little as free - excluding the expense mentioned below, and of course, time and effort on your part.

How Many MWAT Tokens Will I Need?  

Each RED franchise type requires the franchisee to hold a certain number of MWAT tokens, varying in number based on the expected size-and-scope of the operation.  With some country-wide exclusive type-A franchises being required to hold tens-of-millions of tokens. 

However the minimum number required to hold a franchise of any type is 10,000 MWAT.  And I would assume that the required number for smaller independent online franchisees would be towards the lower end.  

And while building up a successful online business can be just as much hard work as building a physical one (albeit with a different skill set), the benefits of being able to sit around in your pants all day, instead of suiting up, can't be ignored.  Needless to say, I'm interested.  And if you are too, you can find more details on operating a Restart Energy franchise over at their website: HERE.  And if it is something that you're considering - it's never too early to begin preparing.  And should I pursue one myself, when available, no doubt you'll hear about it here first, and/or over at my Twitter... 

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