Monday, January 21, 2019

Pitch Investors Live - January 2019 Update Dissected

One of the blockchain projects I'm most excited about right now is "Pitch Investors Live", which I recently discussed HERE.  Interestingly, as with some of my other favorite crypto-bags, ain't nobody talking about PITCH but me (literally) right now.  But I have a feeling that's going to change soon.  And below I'll break down their recent early 2019 update, in effort to explain why...

Pitch Investors Live

An online modern blockchain-enabled take on the ever-popular Shark Tank / Dragon's Den television format, Pitch Investors Live allows entrepreneurs to pitch investors "live", from anywhere, at any time.  Utilizing the platforms native "PITCH" token, for payments and such.  And while the project seems to have vanished almost completely from people's radars - 2019 seems to hold a lot of promise for the Pitch-project.  And I for one, am excited to see where this goes.

Progressive Web App

Despite the Pitch team stating that the new progressive web-app was aimed primarily at the "older generation" - I'll forgive them  Because this is great news.  Until now only IOS users have been able to access the PIL app.  So this is going to open the platform up to a much wider user-base (myself included).  

Suge Knight to Pitch Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington

Now this is where things could get really interesting.  Tech-aside.  Until now while entertaining, most of the pitches have been a little low-end (though getting increasingly better), but within the recent update the Pitch team announced that "Suge Knight", the man behind "Death Row Records", the record label responsible for launching rap-legends such as Tupac, Snoop-Dog, and Dr. Dre to stardom, will be pitching the rights to his life-story, live, to Shark Tank's, Kevin Harrington.  Which, for the Pitch Investors Live platform - is some next level shit.  All but guaranteed to cause a buzz, and bring a lot of attention to this fledgling investment edutainment platform (especially if they're able to tokenize the offering - see below)...

Crypto and Atomic Swaps

The Pitch team also expressed that the tech was moving along nicely in terms of the blockchain integration, and when I inquired recently within their Telegram, Pitch's Co-founder, Jonathan Foltz, confirmed to me that they were "making great progress" with the atomic-swaps element of the platform.  Which is the mechanism that will allow viewers to also invest in the projects featured on PIL.  Swapping PITCH tokens for tokens associated with the various businesses and products featured on the app.  Making the experience more immersive, and interactive.  Which is, as I type this, the main element currently missing that could potentially transform PIL into something truly great.  So it's awesome to hear that things are progressing in that department.  

Marketing and Promotion

With the final great news being that the Pitch team now intend to begin promotion of the platform in full.  Gearing up their ambassador-program, in addition to promising some heavy Facebook advertising, stating that "if you're on Facebook, you will be hit from all angles..." Which combined with the improved progressive web-app, the strengthened cypto-integration, and in particular in terms of promotion, the Suge Knight event, these updates should all make for an easy sell, in terms of bringing in fresh eyeballs to the project.  


While nobody at this point in time can predict with any real certainty which projects will sink, swim, or even fly, I'm bullish on PITCH.  And at sub 10 sats (current price), I've grabbed myself a fair chunk.  Nobody else is talking about Pitch Investors Live right now - which kind of makes me like it even more.  Time will tell if I've called this one right, but as the Pitch Investors Live slogan goes:  "The future of opportunity is here".  And it's an opportunity I've seized.  Let's see what 2019 unfurls... 

You can check out the recent video update for yourself over at Facebook HERE.  Or visit the website to get involved HERE.  

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