Friday, January 11, 2019

Decentralized Blockchain Advertising Still Has Some Way to Go...

Whenever I start a new blog like this one, I do so partly for fun, always choosing a topic or niche that I am genuinely interested in, but also with the intention of monetizing it, right from the beginning.  And while my first instinct was to slap some Adsense ads up on here, and then crack on with the writing.  With this being a blog primarily about blockchain, and crypto - it seemed only right to at least try and implement one of the decentralized advertising platforms I'd heard about, while lurking around the crypto-space.  

Google's "Adsense" is a revenue creation platform for publishers that I've personally been using for over ten years now.  And while it has changed to some degree over those years, what made Adsense the success that it is today (arguably being the most used advertising platform on the internetz) is its ease of use.  You sign up, grab a bit of code, paste it on your website, Google populate that ad space with ads, and you're off making money.  But could any of crypto's new blockchain-based debuts to the advertising-space compete?

The Short Answer

No.  Not right now at least.  Not in my thus far brief and admittedly limited experience anyways.  


AdEx was the first blockchain-based advertising platform I tried to implement.  Unfortunately, without much luck.  Signing up was easy, thanks to AdEx's Metamask integration - which I really liked.  But alas, from there, it kind of went down hill fast.  I was provided with options for adding a new channel, or for creating a new advertising slot, among other things.  But what seemed to be straightforward enough ultimately yielded little in the way of results.  When, having worked my way through the slightly clunky process of supposedly creating an ad slot, upon posting the code to this blog, the end-result was the displaying of an over-sized box, containing the image of a retarded-looking unicorn taking a selfie - some kind of default image that presumably displays when things haven't gone quite as they should have.

Now I'm willing to admit that there was likely a certain amount of user error on my part - but then having in frustration clicked on the "help" button, to be met with eleven different help guides, and not knowing within which lay the answer to my issue - I moved on.  If I were a token holder I may have taken the extra time and effort to aid adoption of the platform, but as somebody who simply wanted to monetize their blog - it wasn't ready for me at this point in time.  


AdBank looked and sounded promising.  But with the very first requirement upon signing up being to enter my full name, date-of-birth, and full home address, before I even really knew what I was getting into - I declined.  While crypto and blockchain isn't necessarily about anonymity, for me, it's a part of it.  And having to disclose those kind of details from the get-go, to an entity I wasn't overly familiar with - nah...


This was the one I was most looking forward to trying out, having had a little interaction with the AdShares team over at, where I offered them some feedback as a bounty task, in exchange for some of their ADST tokens  But alas, despite sounding promising, at time of writing the platform is not yet live.  Cancelling out my last and final chance, for now, to monetize my new crypto blog using a blockchain-based ads platform. 

Early Days

While this blog post might sound critical of the above advertising platforms, it is only intended to be critical of them in their current state.  Because this is still early days, and not just for the above platforms, but for blockchain across the board.  I actually like the concept of blockchain enabled ads-platforms, and have no doubt that at least some of the above and other platforms in that space will improve, and grow.  And so with that said, for now I'll likely have to stick with traditional methods of monetization, but I'll be checking back in with some of them in the coming months.  And if they can make it simple, and easy for me to use, and even better, profitable, I'll certainly be up for giving them another shot... 

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