Thursday, January 10, 2019

Crypto-Thot Brenna Sparks Got Spanked Over at Twitter

If you're a crypto-thot over at crypto-Twitter, and you get awarded as being one of the "blockchain influencers of the year" over at, essentially being trotted out as a figurehead of the crypto-community, you'd best hope that you contribute more to the space than flashing pictures of your boobies.  Or risk brutal backlash... 

Crypto Influencer of the Year

Which is exactly what happened to Asian porn star Brenna Sparks in recent weeks.  Who having been named as one of CoinDesk's top 10 crypto influencers of 2018, came under heavy fire, and an almighty deluge of snark.  Possibly she had no choice in being named, not even knowing beforehand, yet, as somebody who isn't overly keen on thots, having witnessed them invade, and pollute, so many cultures, and groups-of-shared-interest, from gaming, to Star Wars, claiming to be "really into it", but rarely offering up any more than pictures of themselves posing in their underwear, regardless of the niche - I kind of get the anger too.  Because while sex "work" is a thing these days, and it's PC to appreciate the effort and artistry that goes into it, sticking things up your own bottom for money, just doesn't (in the opinion of some) bring as much to the space, as what many overlooked others contribute.

And likewise, much of crypto-Twitter was also unimpressed - raining attack after attack upon Brenna for her audacity - in the form of snipes at her looks, and profession, with one particular comment she made discrediting the virtues of technical-analysis in crypto trading, earning her particular condemnation.  

In Defense of a Crypto-Thot

In response to the backlash CoinDesk reporter, Leigh Cuen, issued the following statement:

I'm really disappointed by the threats Brenna Sparks received after being featured in that influencer article. Regardless of sexism being the norm, I expected more from our readers. If you mocked her, even w/out violent language, think about the impact you had CT's discourse."

While also pointing out that Brenna Sparks is representative of a particular group for whom cryptocurrency could prove be extremely useful.  Something not overlooked by the numerous blockchain-based projects operating, or aiming to operate within, the decentralized adult-entertainment industry.  Such as SpankChain, and Vice Industry Token. 

Something that is true.  Because while the emphasis over at crypto-Twitter these days is primarily focused on making "mad-gains", with even many of the Bitcoin old-timers complaining that they miss the days when discussions were primarily focused on "revolution", and "change" - in terms of being a user of the actual "utility" that many invested their money into in 2017, as opposed to merely being a tech or market speculator, Brenna, in her own way does bring a lot to the table.  In particular to the seedy side, but ultimately a win for any area of blockchain, is a win for all, in these early days. 

So if Brenna can help to spread crypto adoption (in addition to her legs) - more power to her (I guess)...

And if you'd like to learn more of her particular take on crypto (and see some naughty-pictures to boot, if that's to your taste), you can find the controversial Miss Brenna Sparks over at Twitter: HERE.

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