Saturday, January 12, 2019

Buying AIX at 165 Sats - Aigang - And Why?

Looking back from the "future" I am able to easily answer the question posed by some back in early 2018, i.e. "Could Aigang be the biggest sleeper of 2018?" - and the answer to that question is "no" - it wasn't.  In fact, in recent times, it has performed horribly poorly.  

With an ICO price of around thirty cents per token, it was initially a good buy - reaching highs of almost four dollars during the great altcoin bull-run of January 2018.  But for the AIX token, it has been a slow and steady bleed out from there - currently having fallen to the almost unimaginable low of around half-a-cent.  A percentage loss I'm not going to even take the time to calculate - being so close to 100%, it wouldn't be worth the time... 


Aigang is a blockchain protocol built on Ethereum that utilizes smart contracts & IoT devices and provides insurance based on the real-time data.  And despite its poor performance thus far, price-wise, it's actually quite an interesting project, and quite on-point, tech-wise, in terms of the way the world is moving.  AI powered insurance for the internet-of-things, initially aimed at devices such as smartphones, self-driving cars and drones.

What went wrong in 2018?

While they've been caught in the general chaos of the increasingly poor 2018 bear-market, with almost everything having tanked by 80-90% across crypto since those January highs.  It's fair to say that AIX ranks among the hardest-hit - shedding almost all of its value.

Communication within their Telegram from the team has been poor - souring many token holders.  And while their social-media channels such as Twitter have been a little better, updates are still sometimes few and far between.  And what they do post, rarely contains anything hype worthy, or likely to cause excitement among investors. 

The Good

While the project lacks pizzazz - the team's GitHub commits have remained fairly steady throughout the year, with the last one being from just a week ago (at time of writing).  Showing that while over at Twitter some suspect that they might have exit-scammed and vanished with the loot, the team ARE still at work.  And one of the things the Aigang team have been sharing with some frequency, are the number of contributions that have been made to their already working DApp, currently operating smart-insurance for mobile-phone batteries, with the last being just short of 3000 contributions.  Totaling approximately 80 Ethereum.  

Why am I buying in now?

Partially, just because I like a "bargain".  But it's a project that's always been on my radar somewhat.  The internet-of-things is likely inevitable now.  And smart-autonomous-blockchain-backed-insurance is something I can imagine being a part of that future.  Plus, in addition to some of the team's strengths mentioned above, one more factor swayed my decision to buy in at what I'm hoping is a low price, even if it should go down more - and that was the fact that the team are currently hiring.

Over at Linkedin, Aigang have recently posted two job positions, one for a new chief marketing officer, and another for a new product manager.  And my hope is that the team, good as they may be with the tech, have come to recognize their weaknesses.  And with these new additions, it could be a case of "Papa's got a brand new bag!" - in particular, with the marketing.  And with their last update, and their current website suggesting that they might be nearing the time to launch in proper, the risk to reward ratio feels more than right here.  Let's see where this one goes... 

Plus it has an interesting staking mechanism, which once live, could be profitable.  I do so love a token with some kind of reward-structure in place for holders.  Grab your AIX tokens over at Kucoin HERE.

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