Friday, January 25, 2019

"Buy Bitcoin!" - The Yellow Vests and the Financial Revolution

To the best of my knowledge there are two iconic "yellow shirts" in crypto - one I recently featured HERE, worn by crypto-thot, Brenna Sparks, and the other, the far more inspiring "Buy Bitcoin!" emblazoned yellow-vest, worn by an unknown member of France's "Gilet Jaunes" movement. 

People around the web have mixed opinions concerning the yellow vests, but personally I consider them to be nothing short of heroic.  There's a reason most governments allow their citizens to protest "peacefully" - and that's because it's very easy to ignore those people, and carry on with business as usual.  They can't ignore you however, when you start causing a ruckus, en-mass...

The Yellow Vest Movement

While I couldn't pretend to fully understand the nuances of why the French themselves are rising up in large numbers right now - you can feel the vibrations of discontent spreading the world over.  Within the controversial "Qanon" movement sits the ideology of "The Great Awakening", and whether you're a Q believer, or not, there does seem to be a growing "awareness", passed from one person to the next like a virus, of the control-matrices that govern every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.  And the more we notice it, the less we like it.  And while the French, with a history of revolution under their belts, are firmly leading the charge, the Yellow Vest movement is already beginning to gain roots and gather support, from the UK, to Taiwan, to Belgium, and beyond... 

Buy Bitcoin (Short the Bankers)

Within crypto-circles there's a popular saying "Buy Bitcoin - Short the bankers", and while I personally take a certain amount of enjoyment from watching people rise-up and burn shit down - the Gilet Jaunes revolutionaries appear to now understand that if you really want to cut off the head of the tyrant, there's only really one way to do it effectively - and that's by taking back control of the money.  

There's a reason Nathan Mayer Rothschild reportedly and famously stated "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" back in the 1700's.  And as such it should come as no surprise that practically every war Western powers have fought in the recent past have been against the few (then) remaining countries that weren't indebted to a central Rothschilds owned bank (see right) - that list has since been shortened to three (at time of posting).  The installation of said central banks being the real reason for each of those wars (imo).  The unquantifiable amount of spilt blood of both the innocent, and those who mistakenly believed themselves to be fighting terrorism, or for justice, a price the globalist banking cartels are only too willing to "pay" to further cement their control over the world's money.

Bitcoin - A Financial Revolution

Cut off the head, and kill the beast.  Assuming that Bitcoin isn't some NWO originated play that we've all been duped by - placing more and more of your wealth into BTC and other crypto is the best way to fight against a system that has been at the heart of much the of world's misery and bloodshed.  And while the Bitcoin revolution has been gaining traction for circa the last ten years now - a country-wide bank-run like the one proposed by the Gilet Jaunes could really ramp things up, if carried out by a sizable enough, and committed enough group.  And with evermore people becoming "woke" the world-over to the realities of the debt-based financial system from which only those who print the money benefit long-term, if you don't already own some Bitcoin and/or crypto, the time to get involved is now (the wearing of a yellow vest; is optional).  

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