Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Brian Harrington - A Next Generation Shark Over at Pitch Investors Live

Move over Daymond John, move over Mark Cuban, and Mr Wonderful, and yes, even move over "Shark Tank's original Shark", Kevin Harrington.  Because as the tech behind the investment edu-tainment format goes next-generation, with the Pitch Investors Live platform - the next generation of Sharks are also beginning to emerge.  "Sharks", for an online generation...

Pitch Investors Live

Whether for good or for bad, people spend an increasing amount of time online.  With almost every aspect of a person's life being in someway automated, or enhanced via modern technology.  And entertainment is also undergoing a revolution - increasingly moving away from the passive experience offered by traditional television, and into something more involved and immersive.  A movement that the Pitch Investors Live platform hopes to capitalize on.  Combining the hit formula of television shows such as Shark Tank, and Dragon's Den, that have proven to be massively popular the world-over, with a modern twist that fuses a live skype-like feel, for a non-scripted spontaneous edutainment investment experience, with interactivity. With viewers being able to converse with both the investors and pitchers live via comments, and reactions, in real-time.  With the additional promise of blockchain implementation coming in the near-future, that will also allow viewers to invest in featured projects and businesses, via the nascent crypto technology known as "atomic swaps".  Powered by the platform's native "PITCH" token.  

Brian Harrington - A Next Generation Investor

Son of Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington - Brian Harrington, is arguably the real star of the show thus far over at Pitch Investors Live.  Kevin's great and brings a certain celebrity-quality to the platform, always going out of his way to explain how he's just returned from this "power conference", or from a meeting with this "very powerful person".  Whereas Brian Harrington comes across as being a little more down-to-earth.  The sort of Shark you could have a few beers with, or possibly even a cheeky smoke.  While still also clearly being a knowledgeable investor, and businessman.  Presumably having been involved with the Harrington-empire, and enveloped within his Father's ethos of striving for success; since an early-age.  Which is evident, but delivered in a more relaxed, and relatable way.

"Brian recommends entrepreneurs to command his attention within the first 60 seconds. “ My dad says, ‘tease, please, and cease,” he remarks, sharing his experience engaging the appetite of a shark. Brian adds that honesty is essential. ”I can tell when people are making things up,” he says. On fundamentals he says, “You know I will ask you about your customer acquisition cost, what market you are in, etc.” One tip he offers: “I want someone to answer my questions without [me] asking them.” - Pitch Investors Medium

And if you haven't yet caught Brian over at Pitch Investors Live, fielding pitches from, and offering advice to, the likes of Pure Shave Scrub, and AgAu, you can catch up over at YouTube by clicking those links.  And/or you can go sign up to the platform yourself HERE, to watch, or even pitch your own business to a variety of experienced investors, in live-format. 

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