Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bounty-Hunting for YUP and other Crypto at

If you’d have tried to convince me to sign up to a crypto bounty-hunting platform back in January 2018, at the peak of the highs, when my stacks were fat and rich - I’d likely have wished you well with it, but in my mind, thought myself “too big”, or even “too good” for all of that. But what a difference a year makes…

And while I’m not yet down-and-out (at time of posting at least), even seemingly by some miracle, still being in fair profit.  Being unwilling to sell most of my crypto so far down from their all-time-highs - while I wait for them to at minimum, claw back some of their losses - I do have time to kill.

Some of which is being well spent over at, a bounty task platform for earning cryptocurrency by offering feedback to blockchain projects, and performing similar micro-tasks. And despite my earlier reservations towards such platforms due to feelings of grandeur brought on by 2017’s mother of all bull-markets - It’s got to be said, that I am quite enjoying it...

As somebody who in the last few years has found themselves endlessly fascinated with all

things blockchain, and as such spends an arguably abnormal amount of time reveling in and researching crypto as a matter of course - earning a little extra crypto performing bounties while indulging in this “hobby” - comes naturally. And earning ever-growing stacks of coins and tokens from projects I might possibly otherwise not have heard of (until they became bigger), in exchange for a little feedback, or suggestions, etc. is rewarding in multiple ways.  Check out my earned crypto stacks after just a few weeks (right).  From such projects as AdShares, EthicHub, TripCash, and EndChain. Some of which you might have heard of, and others; perhaps not.  


In addition to earning cryptocurrency tokens from a variety of different blockchain-based projects for completing given tasks.  Users can also earn "YUP"'s native crypto asset.  This is the currency that projects looking to promote themselves on the platform utilize to purchase said services.  And from a crowd "hodlers" perspective, the Crowdholding team have also expressed a strong desire to establish a profit-sharing mechanism as they move forwards into 2019.  Making acquiring YUP in exchange for a little time an even more attractive proposition, with a little foresight, should the team succeed in growing their already sizeable 33K members (at time of posting), and attracting ever more projects willing to pay to utilize the skills of the sites ever growing user-base.  

Not yet a member of - sign up HERE.  

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