Thursday, January 17, 2019

Autonomous Tesla Insurance - via Aigang and Blockchain

Following on from my recent post on AIX, the Ethereum token native to Aigang's blockchain-powered insurance protocol, comes another little tit-bit of interest from a recent update pushed to their app.  As can be seen in the picture right.  

Aigang have been running their protocol (successfully to my understanding) for the autonomous insurance of smartphone batteries for a while now.  With the published intention of pushing this forward to cover other smart-devices such as drones, and self-driving cars.  And if this new snippet of scope has any substance to it beyond being a theoretical place-holder, then it is indeed something interesting...

Autonomous Tesla Insurance

Tesla (to many) are more than just "cars".  With the company's enigmatic figurehead, Elon Musk, having earned himself the mystique and respect of a real-life "Tony Stark" - Tesla stands for something more than just getting from A-to-B.  The company, with Elon at the helm, has become symbolic of all that lies ahead (technologically speaking at least).  There's a Tesla bobbing around in space as I type.  And right here on Earth, Tesla are firmly positioned at the forefront of automobile-advancement, particularly within the environmentally-friendly electric-vehicle sector.  And owning a Tesla (for those who can afford one) has become a certain statement, indicative of a certain mindset and inclination. 

Self Driving Cars Are The Future

Supposedly.  With many big players in the tech space from Tesla to Google working hard to make them a reality.  And IF self-driving cars ARE the future, if your car can drive itself - why couldn't it insure itself too?  

As previously mentioned AIgang's blockchain-based insurance protocol is already covering smartphone batteries in an autonomous fashion.  With contributions being made to an insurance pool, powered by Ethereum smart-contracts.  With the battery itself alerting the device to its state of well-being.  With malfunctioning devices being able to draw (autonomously) from the insurance-pool in the instance of failure (reportedly anyways).

Yet while that's kind of cool, and there's certainly a potentially huge market for smartphones alone, autonomous vehicle insurance for self-driving Teslas - would bring some truly next-level awesomeness to what, on the surface at least, right now, feels like a pretty beat-down, almost forgotten remnant of 2017's ICO craze.  And would be something to bring AIX back from the crypto-graveyard with a thunderous boom.  

And while I already grabbed myself a bag recently due to other signs of life, this certainly would make for a very welcome development.  Needless to say I'll be on the look-out for further news on this, with a keen eye... 

You can find more information on Aigang over at their website HERE, or grab yourself some AIX tokens over at Kucoin HERE.

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