Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Are Bounty Tasks the Best Way to Get Into Crypto Investing on a Budget?

With the world being the way it is, and not everybody being equal (financially at least), the harsh fact of life is that some have less money than others.  And while this is sometimes offset by having more time, and/or happiness, when looking to invest in promising cryptocurrency, and blockchain projects, it goes without saying that having large reserves of cash with which to speculate, is certainly an advantage.  But that doesn't mean that it's the only way to get involved in crypto investing.  And for those a little light-in-the-wallet, "bounty hunting", the practice of performing small micro-jobs and tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards and project tokens, can not just be a fun pastime, but also a profitable one...

Websites such as Crowdholding.com allow users to exchange a little of their free-time for crypto-rewards - in exchange for performing small tasks, such as offering feedback to a project, like offering an opinion on the project's website, or a promotional video.  Other tasks might involve re-Tweeting, or sharing posts over at Facebook, to help projects gain exposure.  Or perhaps joining their Telegram, or Discord, to help with growing their community.  With participants receiving a small amount of the project's tokens in exchange for doing so.

Growing Crypto Stacks

While it can naturally feel like things are moving slowly, when you first begin performing bounty tasks in effort to grow your crypto stacks fat-and-rich.  As with any worthwhile endeavor, with time, and perseverance, your efforts will begin to pay off.  And the collection of altcoins and tokens you accrue will begin to grow.  Both in size, and variety.  

And in many ways it is this "variety" of tokens that you can accrue by performing bounties, that gives the activity real value.  Because in these early days of the blockchain revolution - nobody really knows what project could go on to be the next Apple, Google, Facebook, or Amazon.  And already there are stories a plenty of people who have made good money performing bounty tasks.  With many of the now top-100 cryptocurrency having held bounty-tasks at some point in their earlier days.  With those who took the time to get involved before those projects became big - reaping nice rewards.  And should one of your accrued tokens go on to be the next tech-giant behemoth, like the aforementioned giants-of-tech, no doubt those who accrued tokens for "free" during their earliest days, while also helping the project to grow, will be feeling pretty good about themselves indeed, somewhere down-the-line...


Currently my favorite site for performing bounty tasks is Crowdholding.com.  Which not only offers its users the opportunity to earn a wide and growing variety of different assorted tokens, it also allows users to earn its native crypto named "YUP".   

YUP is the life-blood and fuel of the Crowdholding ecosystem, and should increase in value as the platform grows.  At time of writing the Crowdholding site already has close to 34K users, and is growing at some speed.  And in terms of big-tech clout, the Crowdholding team has a former Google business manager on-board and was also a Google launchpad project.  Which goes someway to showing that behind the platform is a team who know what they're doing.  With the cherry on the cake being  that the team have spoken openly of their desire to introduce profit-sharing among all YUP holders in the near-future.  Meaning that signing up, and getting involved now - could prove to be additionally profitable, in the coming days.  Or alternatively, you can choose to withdraw and sell/trade your accrued YUP for other crypto, such as Ethereum, or Bitcoin, via exchanges such as Idex, should you so wish to do so... 

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