Sunday, February 10, 2019

Will Rap Mogul Suge Knight Sell His Life-Story Rights From Inside Prison Using Blockchain?

When I was, the other day, telling a friend of mine about the latest update from the Pitch Investors Live team, and how they shared that Death Row Records founder and rap-mogul, Suge Knight, would be pitching the rights to his life story, via the Shark Tank-esque investment-centric blockchain platform, in the coming months, the first thing he asked was "Isn't he in prison?"

And while I have to admit at this point that I wasn't overly informed on the comings and goings of Suge Knight, it turns out, he is...

28 Years in the Slammer

At time of posting Suge Knight is currently facing a stretch of up to 28 years in prison, having plead guilty, in October 2018, to the charge of voluntary man-slaughter.  And has been behind bars since 2015 awaiting trial.  

If you're not familiar with fallen rap Godfather, Marion "Suge" Knight, he was the man behind notorious rap record label "Death Row Records".  And is the man widely accredited in bringing the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Tupac, to international stardom.  My aforementioned friend also stated that "he's a nasty bastard!" .  And it's fair to say that his history is one littered with tales of violence, and crime.  But arguably, even nasty bastards deserve to have their story told.  And with Suge Knight having been publicly embroiled in arguments over the way he was portrayed in the highly-rated 2015 rap movie, Straight Outta Compton, he may well be looking to get his own story out there, and make a little extra dough at the same time, with which to feather the cell he could potentially be dwelling within for the best part of the coming three decades.  

Pitch Investors Live

If you're not yet familiar with the "Pitch Investors Live", it's an edutainment platform built upon the Ethereum blockchain, in the style of the hit TV shows "Shark Tank", and "Dragon's Den".  Within which entrepreneurs pitch business and ideas in hope of investment and funding.  And while it might seem unlikely that an imprisoned rap-overlord would be able to use such a platform to sling his life-story rights, from behind bars.  The PITCH team claim to have signed contracts.  And claim that Suge Knight will be pitching original Shark Tank panel-member, And PITCH-TV regular, Kevin Harrison.  And as it happens, there is kind of a precedent for this...

A Brave New World of Investment Entertainment

While following a similar format to the aforementioned television shows, Pitch Investors Live is considerably rawer.  Mixing the likes of SKYPE, and Tinder, with a blockchain underbelly, and streaming live, PITCH is investment reality-TV.   The well-suited glamour of Shark Tank replaced with watching Shark, Kevin Harrington, field pitches, and dispense business advice, while wolfing down his dinner, or casually trimming his finger-nails with his teeth.  

And what sets the precedent that the above pitch between Suge Knight and Kevin Harrington could happen, even while incarcerated, are some of the pitches that have already taken place on the revolutionary platform.  Such as one guy pulling over his Uber to deliver a pitch, and another lady pitching Kevin via the app while in mid-flight.  In fact the whole purpose of the platform is to break down the walls between investors, and those in search of investment.  Allowing users to pitch, or field-pitches, from anywhere, at any time.  And what would make for a better example of that?  

Most likely in reality it will be somebody representing Suge that will be pitching, but regardless, as a PITCH token holder my hope is that this event will generate some hype, some renewed love for the project, and of course, some financial gains.  And should the team get their shit together fully, and tokenise the story-rights, and allow viewers to invest themselves via the being-worked-upon atomic-swaps functionality - this could be HUGE... 

Want to PITCH an investor your own billion dollar business idea? - CLICK HERE.  

Monday, February 4, 2019

Adshares - Testing the Blockchain-Based Advertising Platform

In a recent post detailing my early attempts to monetize this crypto-blog using a decentralized advertising platform, I briefly mentioned Adshares.  At that point however the Adshares platform was not available for testing, so when today a new bounty-task popped up over at - offering free ADS tokens in exchange for giving their demo-platform a whirl, it seemed savvy to kill two birds with one stone - and go take a second look, while earning some free crypto at the same time...


A decentralized blockchain-based alternative to the likes of Google's popular Adsense/Adwords, operating within the programmatic advertising space - Adshares held their successful token-generation event in 2018.  And in the early days of 2019 where we currently find ourselves (as I type) the Adshares ecosystem is almost ready to go live.  Throughout 2018 Adshares were one of the most active blockchain teams out there. Their programmers made over 3000 commits and modified approx. 24 000 lines of code. By the end of December they exceeded 1 million test transaction in mainnet, which assured that the network is stable and ready to handle significant traffic.

Testing Adshares

Registration was easy, and following a brief signing up process, and e-mail verification, I was logged-in.  And was then presented with two options, to proceed as an "advertiser", or as a "publisher".  For the Crowdholding task I would need to test both - but with my main interest lying in potentially becoming a publisher (i.e. making money from sharing ads right here on the Greencrypt0 blog), I took the publisher route first. 


As an old hand with Google's Adsense, and various other advertising platforms, and affiliate networks, there was nothing particularly unfamiliar about the Adshares publisher dashboard.  As when beginning to use any new platform, there was a slight learning curve, such as when I was listing a new site I was asked for "keywords" to assign to my site, which I would usually think of as being aligned with the sites niche, i.e. tennis, blockchain, music, etc.  However, what it actually wanted to know was what kind of ad-units I'd allow to be displayed on my site, i.e. image-ads, video-ads, interactive-ads, etc.  But this was a one-time selection per website, and after the first time, you'd soon get used to it.

There were a wide array of ad-sizes I could select to display on my site, with the only thing lacking at time of testing being a "responsive" ad-unit.  And the publishers dashboard itself is furnished with the all the usual charts and data you'd use to chart your success, and earnings.  And you can see an example of what an Adshares ad might look like nestled among your content in the picture above-right.  


While my primary interest in Adshares would personally be as a publisher, I am also an occasional advertiser.  And being more familiar with the platform navigation from testing the publisher dashboard first, it was pretty easy to navigate the advertiser dashboard and options. And I was able to create a test advert easily enough.  And once again, I could select from a wide variety of options, formats, and sizes, from which to tweak my advertising campaign, and once live, the dashboard was again equipped with the familiar data, charts, and metrics, for assessing any given advertising campaigns performance.  


To reiterate, as when using any new platform there's a moderate learning-curve, as you familiarize yourself with any given platforms quirks and foibles.  But overall, Adshares was comfortable to use and explore.  And having recently tested a few competing blockchain-based competitors to Adshares, I'd have to say that this was the one I'm currently most impressed by - at least in terms of its mechanics.  How successful it will be will ultimately depend upon adoption, no publisher wants empty or incredibly low-paying ads on their virtual real-estate.  And similar can be said for advertisers.  But seeing as I already have an interest in attempting to monetize this crypto-blog, using a blockchain-based platform (which is only fitting), once Adshares is fully live, I will go have another play, and move forwards from there... 

To learn more about Adshares you can visit their website HERE.  Or alternatively, should you wish to earn free crypto and tokens for checking out aspiring blockchain projects in the form of bounties, go sign up to HERE.  

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Blue Litecoin Logo - The New Look Briefly Explored

If ever evidence were needed that I need to get my ass into the graphic-design game to make some bucks, the new Litecoin logo is it.  While checking out yesterday, I noticed that the Litecoin logo had changed, turned blue, and sure enough it was no glitch, but the Litecoin team rolling out a new-look.  And while I quite like it, and actually prefer it to the older grey logo - the story of the effort put into it did kind of make me laugh...

The New Design

Australian design agency "The Token Agency" explained in an article over at Ethereum World News, that the new logo design is the result of months of hard work - the complexity of the challenge really testing their creativity.  First surveying the Litecoin community over at Reddit, before spending the next three months working on the new branding, in addition to creating a 65 page brand-evolution report that was subsequently presented to the Litecoin foundation at the San Fran held Litecoin Summit.  

Now, I don't know how much graphic-designers get paid, or of the tribulations and chores involved in brand-evolution, but it was at about this point I was thinking to myself "blue circle".  

A Blue Circle

Because essentially that's all that changed after the aforementioned expenditure of effort.  The background circle became blue.  And the "L" is perhaps a little more streamlined.  But that's OK.  Despite reminding me a little of Faceboook's logo, I do kind of like it.  Preferring the blue to the grey.  And indeed even the markets reacted to the change.  With Litecoin rising in value by at least a few percent the day the new logo went live.  In a manner slightly reminiscent of how in 2017's epic crypto bull-run the slightest news could send prices flying - albeit happening now in a much more subdued fashion, in this extended bear-market of 2018+.  

The End of Silver

Probably the most interesting function of changing the logo from grey to blue, that is presumably intentional, is that on a psychological level it begins to break down the long-held popular notion that Litecoin is "silver" to Bitcoins "gold".  Freeing it up more to operate under its own merits.  Because while Litecoin was an early Bitcoin fork, and will always be tied to Bitcoin - now that seven years have passed since Litecoin began to go its own way, perhaps it is now time for LTC to sever the cord a little further again, and seek to tread its own path more firmly(?)...

Friday, January 25, 2019

"Buy Bitcoin!" - The Yellow Vests and the Financial Revolution

To the best of my knowledge there are two iconic "yellow shirts" in crypto - one I recently featured HERE, worn by crypto-thot, Brenna Sparks, and the other, the far more inspiring "Buy Bitcoin!" emblazoned yellow-vest, worn by an unknown member of France's "Gilet Jaunes" movement. 

People around the web have mixed opinions concerning the yellow vests, but personally I consider them to be nothing short of heroic.  There's a reason most governments allow their citizens to protest "peacefully" - and that's because it's very easy to ignore those people, and carry on with business as usual.  They can't ignore you however, when you start causing a ruckus, en-mass...

The Yellow Vest Movement

While I couldn't pretend to fully understand the nuances of why the French themselves are rising up in large numbers right now - you can feel the vibrations of discontent spreading the world over.  Within the controversial "Qanon" movement sits the ideology of "The Great Awakening", and whether you're a Q believer, or not, there does seem to be a growing "awareness", passed from one person to the next like a virus, of the control-matrices that govern every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.  And the more we notice it, the less we like it.  And while the French, with a history of revolution under their belts, are firmly leading the charge, the Yellow Vest movement is already beginning to gain roots and gather support, from the UK, to Taiwan, to Belgium, and beyond... 

Buy Bitcoin (Short the Bankers)

Within crypto-circles there's a popular saying "Buy Bitcoin - Short the bankers", and while I personally take a certain amount of enjoyment from watching people rise-up and burn shit down - the Gilet Jaunes revolutionaries appear to now understand that if you really want to cut off the head of the tyrant, there's only really one way to do it effectively - and that's by taking back control of the money.  

There's a reason Nathan Mayer Rothschild reportedly and famously stated "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" back in the 1700's.  And as such it should come as no surprise that practically every war Western powers have fought in the recent past have been against the few (then) remaining countries that weren't indebted to a central Rothschilds owned bank (see right) - that list has since been shortened to three (at time of posting).  The installation of said central banks being the real reason for each of those wars (imo).  The unquantifiable amount of spilt blood of both the innocent, and those who mistakenly believed themselves to be fighting terrorism, or for justice, a price the globalist banking cartels are only too willing to "pay" to further cement their control over the world's money.

Bitcoin - A Financial Revolution

Cut off the head, and kill the beast.  Assuming that Bitcoin isn't some NWO originated play that we've all been duped by - placing more and more of your wealth into BTC and other crypto is the best way to fight against a system that has been at the heart of much the of world's misery and bloodshed.  And while the Bitcoin revolution has been gaining traction for circa the last ten years now - a country-wide bank-run like the one proposed by the Gilet Jaunes could really ramp things up, if carried out by a sizable enough, and committed enough group.  And with evermore people becoming "woke" the world-over to the realities of the debt-based financial system from which only those who print the money benefit long-term, if you don't already own some Bitcoin and/or crypto, the time to get involved is now (the wearing of a yellow vest; is optional).  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Muh Free Shitcoins (Episode 1) - My Crypto Bounty Rewards Thus Far

So, after my first month of completing bounty tasks for cryptocurrency over at, I thought I'd do a quick summary of the projects I've explored, and earned free tokens from thus far...

If you're not yet familiar with Crowdholding, and/or performing bounty-tasks, I covered both to some degree in this post HERE.  But with this post, I'll simply be doing a round-up of each and every project I've earned tokens from over the last month, and in way of thanks, offer a little introduction to each below.  Most of them (at time of writing) are somewhere around their ICO stage, so who knows, maybe you'll find something you'd like to invest in.  And as a point of note, while I'm not personally a huge fan of the "shitcoin" moniker (with each of these projects likely having hard-working teams behind them), until any of them go on to prove themselves otherwise, I'll stick with it here, for now...

Muh Free Shitcoins

Each and every one of these tokens was earned via performing bounty tasks over at

ScienceRoot App - Native Token: ST 

An ecosystem where anyone in the scientific community around the globe will have the ability to gather funding, interact, discuss research ideas, collaborate and in the end, publish their work through a more efficient, intuitive and transparent platform.  Website

Saiterm - Native Token: SAIEX

Project to finance the development of the production and marketing of a physical, totally innovative product for high efficiency heating of environments...  Website

AdShares - Native Token: ADST

Transforming Advertising Ecosystem.  Adshares is the answer to negative trends in digital marketing. Lack of transparency allows intermediaries to charge high fees. Increasing centralization gives big players ability to censor unwanted content.   Website

Cryptoleaf - Natve Token: CLF

A tokenized crowdfunding platform for green initiatives, projects and technology. Easy, secure and accessible using cryptocurrency and smart contracts.  Website

Jarvis - Native Token: JRT

Jarvis allows users to build their own decentralized financial hub using the Jarvis Exchange Framework.
This framework allows to manage one's assets in a centralized or decentralized way, to access fiat, crypto, stocks, Forex and CFDs trading and a wide range of DApps. Assets can be utilized as a medium of exchange, payment, or as collateral, and can be lent or borrowed.  Website

EndChain - Native Token: ENCN

EndChain aims to cover each sector of the supply chain, including the second hand market. Our product will be affordable, allowing even every day goods to be tracked on the blockchain. Additional functions for communications among the supply chain & allowing to set up subchains, further enhances the relevance of the product for the supply chain.  Website

Smart Trip Platform - Native Token: TASH

The Smart Trip Platform (STP) is a decentralized ecosystem that will connect travelers and service providers, combining all the functionality needed for safe, comfortable, and authentic trips - leisure or business. It is a brand-new model of travel - minimizing time spent on research and maximizing the authenticity of the experience.  Website

EthicHub - Native Token: ETHIX

A blockchain-based P2P platform connects lenders with profitable small farming communities around the globe.  Financing small farmers becomes a profitable investment.  EthicHub aims to disrupt the status quo by democratizing finances and making credit and investment opportunities available to everyone.  Website

Loopex - Native Token: XLP

Loopex is the innovative platform, providing to customers advanced tools for selling/buying cryptocurrencies, which can help to make trading on the exchange as comfortable, convenient, safe, and inexpensive as possible.   Website

AERUM - Native Token: XRM

Next generation blockchain.  AERUM's mission is to provide a complete and ready to use practical infrastructure for building and using dApps, while having fast and free transactions to end-users, high throughput, and on-demand scalability.  Website

LokChain - Native Token: LCN

LokChain is a hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology which taps into NEM (smart asset) , Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus), and ECSMID (IoT benevolent cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES. To create blockchain 4.0  Website

Final Thoughts

This concludes the first installment of "Muh Free Shitcoins" - and honestly, most of these are about as early stage as it's possible for a start-up to get (at this point in time). But that doesn't mean that some, any, or even all of them, couldn't go on to do great things somewhere down the line.  And having earned each of these small stacks for doing little more than offering an opinion on them, over at Crowdholding, a few minutes spent at a time, I'll take that ride.  And wish each and every one of them the very best of success.  Because just maybe, somewhere among them; hides the next big-thing in crypto... 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Pitch Investors Live - January 2019 Update Dissected

One of the blockchain projects I'm most excited about right now is "Pitch Investors Live", which I recently discussed HERE.  Interestingly, as with some of my other favorite crypto-bags, ain't nobody talking about PITCH but me (literally) right now.  But I have a feeling that's going to change soon.  And below I'll break down their recent early 2019 update, in effort to explain why...

Pitch Investors Live

An online modern blockchain-enabled take on the ever-popular Shark Tank / Dragon's Den television format, Pitch Investors Live allows entrepreneurs to pitch investors "live", from anywhere, at any time.  Utilizing the platforms native "PITCH" token, for payments and such.  And while the project seems to have vanished almost completely from people's radars - 2019 seems to hold a lot of promise for the Pitch-project.  And I for one, am excited to see where this goes.

Progressive Web App

Despite the Pitch team stating that the new progressive web-app was aimed primarily at the "older generation" - I'll forgive them  Because this is great news.  Until now only IOS users have been able to access the PIL app.  So this is going to open the platform up to a much wider user-base (myself included).  

Suge Knight to Pitch Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington

Now this is where things could get really interesting.  Tech-aside.  Until now while entertaining, most of the pitches have been a little low-end (though getting increasingly better), but within the recent update the Pitch team announced that "Suge Knight", the man behind "Death Row Records", the record label responsible for launching rap-legends such as Tupac, Snoop-Dog, and Dr. Dre to stardom, will be pitching the rights to his life-story, live, to Shark Tank's, Kevin Harrington.  Which, for the Pitch Investors Live platform - is some next level shit.  All but guaranteed to cause a buzz, and bring a lot of attention to this fledgling investment edutainment platform (especially if they're able to tokenize the offering - see below)...

Crypto and Atomic Swaps

The Pitch team also expressed that the tech was moving along nicely in terms of the blockchain integration, and when I inquired recently within their Telegram, Pitch's Co-founder, Jonathan Foltz, confirmed to me that they were "making great progress" with the atomic-swaps element of the platform.  Which is the mechanism that will allow viewers to also invest in the projects featured on PIL.  Swapping PITCH tokens for tokens associated with the various businesses and products featured on the app.  Making the experience more immersive, and interactive.  Which is, as I type this, the main element currently missing that could potentially transform PIL into something truly great.  So it's awesome to hear that things are progressing in that department.  

Marketing and Promotion

With the final great news being that the Pitch team now intend to begin promotion of the platform in full.  Gearing up their ambassador-program, in addition to promising some heavy Facebook advertising, stating that "if you're on Facebook, you will be hit from all angles..." Which combined with the improved progressive web-app, the strengthened cypto-integration, and in particular in terms of promotion, the Suge Knight event, these updates should all make for an easy sell, in terms of bringing in fresh eyeballs to the project.  


While nobody at this point in time can predict with any real certainty which projects will sink, swim, or even fly, I'm bullish on PITCH.  And at sub 10 sats (current price), I've grabbed myself a fair chunk.  Nobody else is talking about Pitch Investors Live right now - which kind of makes me like it even more.  Time will tell if I've called this one right, but as the Pitch Investors Live slogan goes:  "The future of opportunity is here".  And it's an opportunity I've seized.  Let's see what 2019 unfurls... 

You can check out the recent video update for yourself over at Facebook HERE.  Or visit the website to get involved HERE.  

Friday, January 18, 2019

When Coinstar Bitcoin Vending in the UK?

An interesting piece of Bitcoin news doing the rounds today is that "Coinstar", the operators of vending-style machines that count-up your accumulated small coins and change, and turn them into something more useful, traditionally a shopping-voucher, have begun to vend Bitcoin.  Which, as somebody who uses these machines with relative frequency, is something of considerable interest.  

At least several times per year I head off to the local Tesco, with a carrier bag full of shrapnel, and feed it in down the chute, listening to it all clunk and churn, as I watch the value on the screen grow, fishing out any coins that fail to make the grade for whatever reason, before printing out a voucher, with which to buy myself such treats as whisky, and luxury cheese-cake (and other things that I might usually not).  And while I might miss my twice-annual luxury cheese-cake, the ability to easily turn this pocket-rubble into Bitcoin, would be most welcome... 

Powered by Coinme

While Coinstar have been around for a good while now, taking 10% in exchange for taking the annoyance out of having to count up and spend large swathes of small-denomination coins, this Bitcoin revelation has come about due to a recent partnership with "Coinme" - the manufacturers of Bitcoin ATM machines, who operate from hundreds of locations across the U.S. being "America's first licensed Bitcoin kiosk company".  And in addition to being able to convert your loose change into Bitcoin (presumably) via this new partnership, users will also be able to use Coinstar's machines in the same way as any other Coinme Bitcoin ATM to purchase Bitcoin.  By inserting cash, printing out a Bitcoin redemption code, and then redeeming it via Coinme's website.  

U.S. Only

Unfortunately, at time of posting, these Bitcoin enabled Coinstar machines are only operating from a number of locations within the U.S.  So it looks like I'll have to keep on treating myself to whisky and such for the time being.  But should this prove to be a successful partnership for the two aforementioned companies, creating adequate demand - who knows.  Maybe they'll roll this out across more machines, across more countries.  And should this ever become an option in the UK - it's something I'll most certainly make use of (hint-hint Coinstar) - get on it... 

For more information you can visit the Coinstar website HERE, or the Coinme website HERE.  

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Autonomous Tesla Insurance - via Aigang and Blockchain

Following on from my recent post on AIX, the Ethereum token native to Aigang's blockchain-powered insurance protocol, comes another little tit-bit of interest from a recent update pushed to their app.  As can be seen in the picture right.  

Aigang have been running their protocol (successfully to my understanding) for the autonomous insurance of smartphone batteries for a while now.  With the published intention of pushing this forward to cover other smart-devices such as drones, and self-driving cars.  And if this new snippet of scope has any substance to it beyond being a theoretical place-holder, then it is indeed something interesting...

Autonomous Tesla Insurance

Tesla (to many) are more than just "cars".  With the company's enigmatic figurehead, Elon Musk, having earned himself the mystique and respect of a real-life "Tony Stark" - Tesla stands for something more than just getting from A-to-B.  The company, with Elon at the helm, has become symbolic of all that lies ahead (technologically speaking at least).  There's a Tesla bobbing around in space as I type.  And right here on Earth, Tesla are firmly positioned at the forefront of automobile-advancement, particularly within the environmentally-friendly electric-vehicle sector.  And owning a Tesla (for those who can afford one) has become a certain statement, indicative of a certain mindset and inclination. 

Self Driving Cars Are The Future

Supposedly.  With many big players in the tech space from Tesla to Google working hard to make them a reality.  And IF self-driving cars ARE the future, if your car can drive itself - why couldn't it insure itself too?  

As previously mentioned AIgang's blockchain-based insurance protocol is already covering smartphone batteries in an autonomous fashion.  With contributions being made to an insurance pool, powered by Ethereum smart-contracts.  With the battery itself alerting the device to its state of well-being.  With malfunctioning devices being able to draw (autonomously) from the insurance-pool in the instance of failure (reportedly anyways).

Yet while that's kind of cool, and there's certainly a potentially huge market for smartphones alone, autonomous vehicle insurance for self-driving Teslas - would bring some truly next-level awesomeness to what, on the surface at least, right now, feels like a pretty beat-down, almost forgotten remnant of 2017's ICO craze.  And would be something to bring AIX back from the crypto-graveyard with a thunderous boom.  

And while I already grabbed myself a bag recently due to other signs of life, this certainly would make for a very welcome development.  Needless to say I'll be on the look-out for further news on this, with a keen eye... 

You can find more information on Aigang over at their website HERE, or grab yourself some AIX tokens over at Kucoin HERE.

Testing HXRO - The Gamification of Crypto Trading

So this morning I received via e-mail an invite to join the HXRO beta, and having seen a lot of people talking about it over at Twitter the last few weeks, and having earned a little free HXRO for signing up early a month or so back, I was quite eager to give it a go...


Selling itself as "trading re-imagined", HXRO is a platform that applies gamification to crypto-trading.  With the platform's initial flagship game being "MOONREKT".  Which is essentially the card-game "Hi-Lo".  In which players place bets on whether a certain crypto is going to rise or fall in price within a given time-frame.  With correct bets being rewarded.  

At time of postng users can bet on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP, on a number of different time-frames from 5 minutes, to 60 minutes.  And while kind of fun, it is what it is, gambling, and while HXRO will likely appeal to a certain demographic, in my personal opinion, trading platforms such as this are usually best avoided.  

BitMEX Re-Imagined

Almost everybody I know has been burned over at BitMEX, some, for vast life-destroying amounts of money/crypto.  Having lost using high-leverages, and then losing more trying to claw back said losses.  And HXRO is really nothing different.

It might have a shiny fun new face, and there might currently be a lot of hype surrounding the platform, with a good number of crypto-Twitter-OGs shilling it (waves of referral links to follow no doubt), but after a few hours spent over at HXRO, in my personal opinion this is likely to prove to be just as damaging as BitMEX to many once it gains traction.  And as a crypto "investor", gambling is not something that appeals.  Sure, some will get lucky, and make nice gains, but chances are, long-term, it's not going to be you.  The platform is bright, and colorful, and cool, but as with any form of gambling, you're probably going to lose your shirt... 

Betting Against Bitcoin

While in honesty I only spent a short amount of time over at HXRO (and that was enough), and only betting on Bitcoin (mainly to Moon against the grain, as I did at BitMEX) and as such didn't really have the time (or inclination) to fully understand how the algorithms function.  The reward multipliers were only displayed "after" you'd placed your bets.  And seemingly (in the time I spent there at least) the biggest multipliers were awarded to those who bet against Bitcoin.  Which left me with a similar distaste as to how I feel about BitMEX.  

I may be in the minority right now, but I'm only in favor of anything that helps the value of Bitcoin grow.  And while there is a certain interesting use-case to HXRO - it's not one that I'm personally fond of.  Being of the opinion that if you're betting against Bitcoin, you should just get the fuck out, and go do something else with your time.  There are plenty of regular casinos out there for those who enjoy such distractions.  

With that said, some will likely find the high-adrenaline rush of HXRO appealing, and if you're a fan of the sort of high-leverage shenanigans offered by BitMEX, this fresh-faced alternative could be for you.  And should you want to give it a try, once out of beta, and open to all, you can find it HERE.  Just don't say you weren't warned...

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Buying AIX at 165 Sats - Aigang - And Why?

Looking back from the "future" I am able to easily answer the question posed by some back in early 2018, i.e. "Could Aigang be the biggest sleeper of 2018?" - and the answer to that question is "no" - it wasn't.  In fact, in recent times, it has performed horribly poorly.  

With an ICO price of around thirty cents per token, it was initially a good buy - reaching highs of almost four dollars during the great altcoin bull-run of January 2018.  But for the AIX token, it has been a slow and steady bleed out from there - currently having fallen to the almost unimaginable low of around half-a-cent.  A percentage loss I'm not going to even take the time to calculate - being so close to 100%, it wouldn't be worth the time... 


Aigang is a blockchain protocol built on Ethereum that utilizes smart contracts & IoT devices and provides insurance based on the real-time data.  And despite its poor performance thus far, price-wise, it's actually quite an interesting project, and quite on-point, tech-wise, in terms of the way the world is moving.  AI powered insurance for the internet-of-things, initially aimed at devices such as smartphones, self-driving cars and drones.

What went wrong in 2018?

While they've been caught in the general chaos of the increasingly poor 2018 bear-market, with almost everything having tanked by 80-90% across crypto since those January highs.  It's fair to say that AIX ranks among the hardest-hit - shedding almost all of its value.

Communication within their Telegram from the team has been poor - souring many token holders.  And while their social-media channels such as Twitter have been a little better, updates are still sometimes few and far between.  And what they do post, rarely contains anything hype worthy, or likely to cause excitement among investors. 

The Good

While the project lacks pizzazz - the team's GitHub commits have remained fairly steady throughout the year, with the last one being from just a week ago (at time of writing).  Showing that while over at Twitter some suspect that they might have exit-scammed and vanished with the loot, the team ARE still at work.  And one of the things the Aigang team have been sharing with some frequency, are the number of contributions that have been made to their already working DApp, currently operating smart-insurance for mobile-phone batteries, with the last being just short of 3000 contributions.  Totaling approximately 80 Ethereum.  

Why am I buying in now?

Partially, just because I like a "bargain".  But it's a project that's always been on my radar somewhat.  The internet-of-things is likely inevitable now.  And smart-autonomous-blockchain-backed-insurance is something I can imagine being a part of that future.  Plus, in addition to some of the team's strengths mentioned above, one more factor swayed my decision to buy in at what I'm hoping is a low price, even if it should go down more - and that was the fact that the team are currently hiring.

Over at Linkedin, Aigang have recently posted two job positions, one for a new chief marketing officer, and another for a new product manager.  And my hope is that the team, good as they may be with the tech, have come to recognize their weaknesses.  And with these new additions, it could be a case of "Papa's got a brand new bag!" - in particular, with the marketing.  And with their last update, and their current website suggesting that they might be nearing the time to launch in proper, the risk to reward ratio feels more than right here.  Let's see where this one goes... 

Plus it has an interesting staking mechanism, which once live, could be profitable.  I do so love a token with some kind of reward-structure in place for holders.  Grab your AIX tokens over at Kucoin HERE.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Decentralized Blockchain Advertising Still Has Some Way to Go...

Whenever I start a new blog like this one, I do so partly for fun, always choosing a topic or niche that I am genuinely interested in, but also with the intention of monetizing it, right from the beginning.  And while my first instinct was to slap some Adsense ads up on here, and then crack on with the writing.  With this being a blog primarily about blockchain, and crypto - it seemed only right to at least try and implement one of the decentralized advertising platforms I'd heard about, while lurking around the crypto-space.  

Google's "Adsense" is a revenue creation platform for publishers that I've personally been using for over ten years now.  And while it has changed to some degree over those years, what made Adsense the success that it is today (arguably being the most used advertising platform on the internetz) is its ease of use.  You sign up, grab a bit of code, paste it on your website, Google populate that ad space with ads, and you're off making money.  But could any of crypto's new blockchain-based debuts to the advertising-space compete?

The Short Answer

No.  Not right now at least.  Not in my thus far brief and admittedly limited experience anyways.  


AdEx was the first blockchain-based advertising platform I tried to implement.  Unfortunately, without much luck.  Signing up was easy, thanks to AdEx's Metamask integration - which I really liked.  But alas, from there, it kind of went down hill fast.  I was provided with options for adding a new channel, or for creating a new advertising slot, among other things.  But what seemed to be straightforward enough ultimately yielded little in the way of results.  When, having worked my way through the slightly clunky process of supposedly creating an ad slot, upon posting the code to this blog, the end-result was the displaying of an over-sized box, containing the image of a retarded-looking unicorn taking a selfie - some kind of default image that presumably displays when things haven't gone quite as they should have.

Now I'm willing to admit that there was likely a certain amount of user error on my part - but then having in frustration clicked on the "help" button, to be met with eleven different help guides, and not knowing within which lay the answer to my issue - I moved on.  If I were a token holder I may have taken the extra time and effort to aid adoption of the platform, but as somebody who simply wanted to monetize their blog - it wasn't ready for me at this point in time.  


AdBank looked and sounded promising.  But with the very first requirement upon signing up being to enter my full name, date-of-birth, and full home address, before I even really knew what I was getting into - I declined.  While crypto and blockchain isn't necessarily about anonymity, for me, it's a part of it.  And having to disclose those kind of details from the get-go, to an entity I wasn't overly familiar with - nah...


This was the one I was most looking forward to trying out, having had a little interaction with the AdShares team over at, where I offered them some feedback as a bounty task, in exchange for some of their ADST tokens  But alas, despite sounding promising, at time of writing the platform is not yet live.  Cancelling out my last and final chance, for now, to monetize my new crypto blog using a blockchain-based ads platform. 

Early Days

While this blog post might sound critical of the above advertising platforms, it is only intended to be critical of them in their current state.  Because this is still early days, and not just for the above platforms, but for blockchain across the board.  I actually like the concept of blockchain enabled ads-platforms, and have no doubt that at least some of the above and other platforms in that space will improve, and grow.  And so with that said, for now I'll likely have to stick with traditional methods of monetization, but I'll be checking back in with some of them in the coming months.  And if they can make it simple, and easy for me to use, and even better, profitable, I'll certainly be up for giving them another shot... 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Crypto-Thot Brenna Sparks Got Spanked Over at Twitter

If you're a crypto-thot over at crypto-Twitter, and you get awarded as being one of the "blockchain influencers of the year" over at, essentially being trotted out as a figurehead of the crypto-community, you'd best hope that you contribute more to the space than flashing pictures of your boobies.  Or risk brutal backlash... 

Crypto Influencer of the Year

Which is exactly what happened to Asian porn star Brenna Sparks in recent weeks.  Who having been named as one of CoinDesk's top 10 crypto influencers of 2018, came under heavy fire, and an almighty deluge of snark.  Possibly she had no choice in being named, not even knowing beforehand, yet, as somebody who isn't overly keen on thots, having witnessed them invade, and pollute, so many cultures, and groups-of-shared-interest, from gaming, to Star Wars, claiming to be "really into it", but rarely offering up any more than pictures of themselves posing in their underwear, regardless of the niche - I kind of get the anger too.  Because while sex "work" is a thing these days, and it's PC to appreciate the effort and artistry that goes into it, sticking things up your own bottom for money, just doesn't (in the opinion of some) bring as much to the space, as what many overlooked others contribute.

And likewise, much of crypto-Twitter was also unimpressed - raining attack after attack upon Brenna for her audacity - in the form of snipes at her looks, and profession, with one particular comment she made discrediting the virtues of technical-analysis in crypto trading, earning her particular condemnation.  

In Defense of a Crypto-Thot

In response to the backlash CoinDesk reporter, Leigh Cuen, issued the following statement:

I'm really disappointed by the threats Brenna Sparks received after being featured in that influencer article. Regardless of sexism being the norm, I expected more from our readers. If you mocked her, even w/out violent language, think about the impact you had CT's discourse."

While also pointing out that Brenna Sparks is representative of a particular group for whom cryptocurrency could prove be extremely useful.  Something not overlooked by the numerous blockchain-based projects operating, or aiming to operate within, the decentralized adult-entertainment industry.  Such as SpankChain, and Vice Industry Token. 

Something that is true.  Because while the emphasis over at crypto-Twitter these days is primarily focused on making "mad-gains", with even many of the Bitcoin old-timers complaining that they miss the days when discussions were primarily focused on "revolution", and "change" - in terms of being a user of the actual "utility" that many invested their money into in 2017, as opposed to merely being a tech or market speculator, Brenna, in her own way does bring a lot to the table.  In particular to the seedy side, but ultimately a win for any area of blockchain, is a win for all, in these early days. 

So if Brenna can help to spread crypto adoption (in addition to her legs) - more power to her (I guess)...

And if you'd like to learn more of her particular take on crypto (and see some naughty-pictures to boot, if that's to your taste), you can find the controversial Miss Brenna Sparks over at Twitter: HERE.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Brian Harrington - A Next Generation Shark Over at Pitch Investors Live

Move over Daymond John, move over Mark Cuban, and Mr Wonderful, and yes, even move over "Shark Tank's original Shark", Kevin Harrington.  Because as the tech behind the investment edu-tainment format goes next-generation, with the Pitch Investors Live platform - the next generation of Sharks are also beginning to emerge.  "Sharks", for an online generation...

Pitch Investors Live

Whether for good or for bad, people spend an increasing amount of time online.  With almost every aspect of a person's life being in someway automated, or enhanced via modern technology.  And entertainment is also undergoing a revolution - increasingly moving away from the passive experience offered by traditional television, and into something more involved and immersive.  A movement that the Pitch Investors Live platform hopes to capitalize on.  Combining the hit formula of television shows such as Shark Tank, and Dragon's Den, that have proven to be massively popular the world-over, with a modern twist that fuses a live skype-like feel, for a non-scripted spontaneous edutainment investment experience, with interactivity. With viewers being able to converse with both the investors and pitchers live via comments, and reactions, in real-time.  With the additional promise of blockchain implementation coming in the near-future, that will also allow viewers to invest in featured projects and businesses, via the nascent crypto technology known as "atomic swaps".  Powered by the platform's native "PITCH" token.  

Brian Harrington - A Next Generation Investor

Son of Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington - Brian Harrington, is arguably the real star of the show thus far over at Pitch Investors Live.  Kevin's great and brings a certain celebrity-quality to the platform, always going out of his way to explain how he's just returned from this "power conference", or from a meeting with this "very powerful person".  Whereas Brian Harrington comes across as being a little more down-to-earth.  The sort of Shark you could have a few beers with, or possibly even a cheeky smoke.  While still also clearly being a knowledgeable investor, and businessman.  Presumably having been involved with the Harrington-empire, and enveloped within his Father's ethos of striving for success; since an early-age.  Which is evident, but delivered in a more relaxed, and relatable way.

"Brian recommends entrepreneurs to command his attention within the first 60 seconds. “ My dad says, ‘tease, please, and cease,” he remarks, sharing his experience engaging the appetite of a shark. Brian adds that honesty is essential. ”I can tell when people are making things up,” he says. On fundamentals he says, “You know I will ask you about your customer acquisition cost, what market you are in, etc.” One tip he offers: “I want someone to answer my questions without [me] asking them.” - Pitch Investors Medium

And if you haven't yet caught Brian over at Pitch Investors Live, fielding pitches from, and offering advice to, the likes of Pure Shave Scrub, and AgAu, you can catch up over at YouTube by clicking those links.  And/or you can go sign up to the platform yourself HERE, to watch, or even pitch your own business to a variety of experienced investors, in live-format. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Are Bounty Tasks the Best Way to Get Into Crypto Investing on a Budget?

With the world being the way it is, and not everybody being equal (financially at least), the harsh fact of life is that some have less money than others.  And while this is sometimes offset by having more time, and/or happiness, when looking to invest in promising cryptocurrency, and blockchain projects, it goes without saying that having large reserves of cash with which to speculate, is certainly an advantage.  But that doesn't mean that it's the only way to get involved in crypto investing.  And for those a little light-in-the-wallet, "bounty hunting", the practice of performing small micro-jobs and tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards and project tokens, can not just be a fun pastime, but also a profitable one...

Websites such as allow users to exchange a little of their free-time for crypto-rewards - in exchange for performing small tasks, such as offering feedback to a project, like offering an opinion on the project's website, or a promotional video.  Other tasks might involve re-Tweeting, or sharing posts over at Facebook, to help projects gain exposure.  Or perhaps joining their Telegram, or Discord, to help with growing their community.  With participants receiving a small amount of the project's tokens in exchange for doing so.

Growing Crypto Stacks

While it can naturally feel like things are moving slowly, when you first begin performing bounty tasks in effort to grow your crypto stacks fat-and-rich.  As with any worthwhile endeavor, with time, and perseverance, your efforts will begin to pay off.  And the collection of altcoins and tokens you accrue will begin to grow.  Both in size, and variety.  

And in many ways it is this "variety" of tokens that you can accrue by performing bounties, that gives the activity real value.  Because in these early days of the blockchain revolution - nobody really knows what project could go on to be the next Apple, Google, Facebook, or Amazon.  And already there are stories a plenty of people who have made good money performing bounty tasks.  With many of the now top-100 cryptocurrency having held bounty-tasks at some point in their earlier days.  With those who took the time to get involved before those projects became big - reaping nice rewards.  And should one of your accrued tokens go on to be the next tech-giant behemoth, like the aforementioned giants-of-tech, no doubt those who accrued tokens for "free" during their earliest days, while also helping the project to grow, will be feeling pretty good about themselves indeed, somewhere down-the-line...

Currently my favorite site for performing bounty tasks is  Which not only offers its users the opportunity to earn a wide and growing variety of different assorted tokens, it also allows users to earn its native crypto named "YUP".   

YUP is the life-blood and fuel of the Crowdholding ecosystem, and should increase in value as the platform grows.  At time of writing the Crowdholding site already has close to 34K users, and is growing at some speed.  And in terms of big-tech clout, the Crowdholding team has a former Google business manager on-board and was also a Google launchpad project.  Which goes someway to showing that behind the platform is a team who know what they're doing.  With the cherry on the cake being  that the team have spoken openly of their desire to introduce profit-sharing among all YUP holders in the near-future.  Meaning that signing up, and getting involved now - could prove to be additionally profitable, in the coming days.  Or alternatively, you can choose to withdraw and sell/trade your accrued YUP for other crypto, such as Ethereum, or Bitcoin, via exchanges such as Idex, should you so wish to do so...